Diwali Shopping Before buying gold keep these important points in mind

Diwali Shopping: Before buying gold, keep these important points in mind.

Diwali 2022: As Diwali is approaching, everyone is eager to buy Diwali decorations, sweets, gifts, snacks, Shares and gold ornaments. Also, buying gold and expensive clothing ornaments on Subha Horai during Thiryodasi Tithi and performing Lakshmi Kubera Pooja in the evening on Diwali will make gold items more attractive.

Things to consider before buying gold

As far as India is concerned, women always focus on buying gold jewelery and ornaments. In this situation, we thought that buying gold was enough, there are chances of buying substandard gold jewelry. So let’s see what to keep in mind before buying gold this Diwali shopping.

1. Hallmarked gold only

It is better to focus on buying hallmarked jewelery before buying gold. The most important thing is to check whether the gold items have full hallmarks while buying them. Check that it bears the BIS logo, Hallmark Centre’s name/logo, manufacturer’s logo and a mark that includes the purity of the gold.

2. Set your budget.

Take decisions carefully and strategically while buying gold on Tantrayodasi otherwise it may disrupt your monthly/yearly budget, affecting not only you but also your family. For those who want to buy heavy jewelery or high carat gold items and those who want to buy only jewelery or gold earrings or rings, monitor the market and set your budget.

3. Check the payments made

The final price of jewelery before GST is the making charge. First check what the markup charges are at your jewelery store and make sure the charges are based on the design and market prices. Luxury jewelry stores usually have higher making fees, resulting in higher prices for the gold item.

4. Buy only from trusted gold sellers

It is very important to check the authenticity of the seller and the gold item before buying the jewellery. The purity of gold can be checked by machines available in jewellers. There are many sellers who sell impure gold (mixed with other precious metals) during Tantrayodasi, so buy gold only from trusted sellers.

5. Buy Back Policy

Check the policy of a particular jewelry store and see if they have a buy-back policy. Some jewelers deduct a certain amount on the purchase of old jewelery based on the current gold price. Don’t rush to buy gold products, All of you must check the Buy Back Policy before buying gold.

6. Size of jewelry

Buy gold only with jewelry certificate because buying gold is a big investment whether you are rich or poor. When you buy certified jewelry, you get more security with its validity and authenticity when reselling the jewelry.