Chandigarh Consumer Commission fined the aviation company, had to go to Himachal from Jalandhar. Chandigarh Consumer Commission latest order against aviation company TTOP


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The Chandigarh District Consumer Commission has ordered Delhi’s Jet Serv Aviation Pvt Ltd to pay damages for not providing helicopter service on the wedding day despite taking the full amount. In the issued orders, the groom has been asked to pay Rs 25,000 as compensation for the mental agony caused.

At the same time, the aviation company has been asked to return Rs 4 lakh given to the complainant for booking the helicopter along with 9 per cent interest. Apart from this, orders have been given to pay Rs 8,000 as court expenses. The complaint was filed by Amandeep Joshi of Sector 30-B, Chandigarh.

had also taken approval from the authority
The commission noted that on the directions of the respondent party, the complainant had obtained necessary clearances from the concerned authority for the safe landing and take-off of the helicopter. However, despite this, the respondent party could not get the service provided. This was termed as deficiency in service and unfair trade practices.

The route was from Jalandhar to Una and then back to Jalandhar
According to the complaint filed, Amandeep had booked a helicopter from the concerned company for his wedding. The wedding was held in Jalandhar on February 23, 2019. This booking was for Jalandhar to Una (Himachal Pradesh) and Una to Jalandhar. The aviation company had sent a rate quotation of Rs 4,20,375. This included flight fare, trip plan and other expenses.

Made arrangements for safe landing but the helicopter did not land
On January 24, 2019, the complainant gave Rs 1 lakh to Airlogic Aviation Solutions. The complainant said that on February 20, he gave another Rs 3 lakh. On February 21, the personnel of the Respondent side put in place the necessary infrastructure for the safe take-off and landing of the helicopter. Despite this, neither the helicopter arrived on 23 February nor the respondent party answered their calls. In the case, the remaining Rs 20,375 was to be paid to the complainant after the service was rendered.

No one appeared from the company
The complainant had to suffer a lot in her marriage due to negligence in the services of the aviation company. At the same time, according to the allegations, the company did not even refund them. While legal notices were also sent regarding this. On the other hand, despite sending a notice by the commission, no one appeared on behalf of the respondent, then it was declared ex-parte.

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